I race my car.  No, not in a videogame, nor in the street, or even in a straight line.  I track my car at wordclass racetracks across the Midwest.  My modifications have exceeded five figures (when you account for my sound system, etc.), but the most important ‘mod’ will always be the one right behind the wheel.

I stared at local SCCA courses at U of Illinois and ultimately progressed towards the Autobahn in Joliet (just outside Chicago).  Additionally, I have attended meets at Gingerman via the Western Michigan Honda Meet (WHHM).  Finally, I have faced the formidable foe that is Road America up in Wisconsin.

As my car sadly sits in the suburbs, I shall be scheme to purchase a new ride upon my return.  Currently I have my eyes set on something between the FRS/BRZ and the 370Z.  By going the forced iduction route on one of the twins, I may achieve this balance, but I also want reliability, etc.  Time will tell, but I plan to race again soon!

4231v3go1When four wheels was not exciting enough, I switched to two in the summer of 2013.  Now I look to my sport-bike for the speed my RSX-S just couldn’t quite deliver!



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