I blame Tony Hawk, err, correction, I THANK, Tony Hawk for introducing me into the world of skateboarding.  Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for N64 acted as a tinderbox for my extreme sports obsession.  I had already ‘aggressive skated’ since the age of 10 or so (after playing in-line hockey since it’s inaugural year for our local park district in the mid 90s), but skateboarding openned a whole new realm of opportunity for me.  Soon thereafter I started to snowboard, and I haven’t stopped either since.



Listed for top to bottom:

All-around board:

  • Bustin 2013 Mini Maestro (custom ILLINI inspired graphics)
  • SurfRodz/Bustin CNC Indy 177mm Collaboration Trucks
  • Bustin Swift Freeride 70mm 82a Wheels
  • Bustin ABEC9 Bearings

Cruising Longboard

  • Loaded Dervish Sama (Flex 1)
  • Paris 180mm Truck (v2 Pink)
  • Orangatang Durian 75mm 80a Wheels
  • Bittin ABEC7 Bearings

Shlongboard (hybrid short-longboard)

  • Element Fire Deck (8.0)
  • Randal 160mm x 8mm Downhill Trucks
  • Orangatang 65mm 83a Fat Free Purple Wheels
  • Bones SuperSwiss Bearings

Traditional Skateboard

  • Mike V ‘Helium Infused’ Deck (7.75)
  • Bam Margera Destructo Trucks (5.0)
  • Ricta 53mm 90a Wheels
  • Girl Gold Bearings

Gone are the kickflip and halfpipe days it seems.  Now I longboard and slide much more that I free-skate–it’s a whole new world out there!

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