Day 1: Transcontinental Travels

Well, it seems like just yesterday that I took off from ORD after walking down the terminal transfer Diddy made famous…


…and based on the Earth’s rotation, it was!  I landed in LHR around 6AM after a grueling 8+ hour flight on an outdated 767.  Even my father inquired whether they still even shipped animals on these pathetic planes.  Sure this may sound like #firstworldproblems, but in 2014 it is simply unacceptable to not have any outlets and a TV screen smaller than my cell phone (and a 10th of the resolution at best).  Anyways, knowing this in advance, I made sure my new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro had a full charge–this not only got me through the flight, but several hours here passing time in Terminal 1!


Upon landing, I promptly headed to the pub for a pint.  Haters are going to hate, but in my defense, my biological clock told me it was about midnight (aka a perfectly acceptable time to enjoy an adult beverage).  Afterward, I made my way over to the electronics outlet.  After months of planning, I had only forgotten one small item–a tripod adapter for my GoPro.  To my surprise, the store had one; however, despite their claim that they matched Amazon, I still had to paid well over the market price.  Apparently, the fine print states they only match cameras and other major devices (not the accessories, where profits are made anyways).  So, I had to swallow up my pride and bit the bullet, thus representing my first ‘rip off’ of the trip.

My flight to Dublin takes off shortly, so I shall sign off for today.  (Yes, I had to transfer in London to get to Dublin, but when you book with points, you do not complain)  Tonight I’ll recap my first ‘true’ day of the trip after exploring Dublin!  Let the journey BEGIN!!

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