Day 2: Cheers to Dublin!

So I finally arrived in Dublin. My connection at LHR seriously made me question my faith in human reason. For my transfer flight, I had to go through five, I repeat FIVE, security checkpoints. First, I had to show my passport and fill out a disembarkation form. Therefore, I listed my ‘length of stay’ as four hours, my residence as ‘Heathrow’, and purchases as potential pints and perhaps a cup of tea. Then I had to have my photo taken at another kiok before sending my bags through a full security scanner as well as myself through the metal detector. Better yet, after walking another 500 meters, I had to take yet another photo (this time I wore my hat just to screw with them). Before getting on the plane, I had to once again, show my passport and boarding pass. I would expect this; however, I did not expect them to disallow my ‘hot beverage’, AKA coffee onto the plane. Thus, I patiently drank it as the other passengers rushed to their assigned seats. So anyways, I finally arrived in Dublin haha.

Upon arrival, I hopped onto the 747 bus which took me to the city center. I made it to the hostel after taking a screenshot of the navigatin directions. I can see why the Generator Hostel generated (see what I did there, eh) great reviews. The hostel hosts a creatively decorated cafe, bouncing bar, and luscious! lounge. I plan to take advantage of all of these amenities even more over my stay!



First order of business–boozing, specifically it was Guiness time. I took a ten minute stroll to the stunning storefront. I purchased a ‘student’ ticket, as I am technically a student (and my UIUC ID is still good through May 2015 and has saved me countless cash). The first floor of seven stood as the aforementioned ‘storefront’ stuffed with everything Guiness you could imagine. As you journeyed upwards, a combination of digital screens, marquees, and even movie rooms, told the tale of who Guiness was brewed. Other floors included advertising, history, and everything in between.





On the fifth floor, they even had a class which taught the proper way to pour a pint. Needless to say, I received my certificate along with a look of confusion when I mentioned many in the state pour Guiness with the aid of a spoon and no not wait the balloted 2 minutes for the gasses to mix and release. The seventh floor stood as the highlight of the entire experience. It yielded an unprecedented 360 degree view of the city!



By the time i finished touring the brewery, I had developed quite the appetite. Therefore, I swung by the Brazen Head–the acclaimed ‘oldest pub in Ireland’. I posted up at the bar and ordered some epic bangers ‘n mash along with a cider. I also played witness to some entertaining commentary from a series of blue collar workers catching up after a day’s work. Once my stomach had reached critical mass, I resorted to the hostel for a quick 20 minute nap.

Revived, I ventured downstairs for 90′s hip-hop jam night! As per standard, I settled down for a stout and talked to other travelers about their day and future plans. Per their recommendations, I walked a couple blocks to a local pub. Right went I entered the door of Coblestone, I knew I had made a wise decision. A sea of musicians swarm med the front ‘knook’ jamming out as a couple of ladies Irish danced in front of them. Of course I had to grab another pint to enjoy some of the live music. After getting my fill, I walked even further away from the hostel to a bar called Mulligon’s.

I had heard this establishment had some of the best ‘fine dinning’ and beers to match, so I decided to treat myself to some lamb and, you guessed it, another pint! Once again, after getting my fill, I headed back to the hostel, but this time for good. Night, night time it was, as I booked a full day of adventures for the next day!

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  1. Did you receive my pic of pouring Guinness? And we went to Mulligan’s, too. That’s one of the bars I was telling you about. FYI, why did you not take your passcard with you on the trip?

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