Day 53: Exit 3 – Damon Albarn, Skrillex, 2Cellos, Afrojack vs. Quintino, Tiga vs. DJ Hell, and More!

Day 3, oh dear me. Well, long of the short, I didn’t quite wake up with the same spunk as before. I guess partying hard until past 6AM has its tolls–who would have thought!? Anyways, after slowly getting out of bed and getting out lives together, my roommate and I headed to scope out the beach. Before soaking in some rays, we had an XQP (extreme quick pump for those unfamiliar, haha) at the beachside bodyweight gym!



Let me present to you the Strand Beach with bumping music, beautiful people, and stellar sunshine!




The beach provided some much needed rejuvenation from the days prior. Even the walk back proved a bit therapeutic!


Time blew by (as we had been having fun!) and concert time crept up on us. The lovely ladies on the floor above us even cocked my roommate and I some specially wrapped pancakes to further fuel all of our party plans. Another cab led to another day, one I will likely never forget!

The girls led us to a VIP runway fashion show to start of the third eve. DJ’s jammed some hits, while the models strutted their hips. A free water and shot later, and we were off to the races!


Next up, we posted up for great spots for 2Cellos!



We moved up even more (like under 10 meters from the stage close) for arguably the main headliner of the whole festival, the frontman of Blur & Grolliaz: Damon Albarn!


Getting into the crowd!!


After rocking out, it was time to dance it out, well and rock out too (you get the picture). Skrillex, a very familiar face to me kept the energy going from 2-4AM!




But the party doesn’t stop at 4AM now does it?! I headed over to the Dance Arena (Europe’s foremost dance stage) until essentially close. Who needs the darkness to dance, am I right, or am I right??!






WOW, what a day/night/day again!

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