Burritos—by far the best bet after a night of boozing.  I cannot quite pinpoint the reason, but nothing satisfy on the same level as a busting burrito in a belly full of beers.  I have even gone so far as creating a spreadsheet detailing my burrito endeavors (which I shall post in due time).

I also want to highlight the diversity of this divine dish.  You can order your burrito naked (in a bowl) or clothed in either a flower, corn, or perhaps wheat tortilla.  You can normally add a variety of rice and beans and even some peppers or Mexican potatoes.  You can typically take meat from just about any animal.  Corn, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, and an infinite amount of sauces ranging from ghost pepper hot to pico de gallo mellow can also be chosen to top off your epic masterpiece.


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  1. Do they have burritos in Europe?

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