Craft Beer

“He was a wise man who invented beer” –Plato In college, light beer ruled.  It was cheap, watery, and readily available.  As funds and travel increased, so did my appetite for craft beer.  Furthermore, as I started to lead audits the number of breweries I visited substantially increased.  To keep track of the several hundred different brews consumed, I have tried to track my tastes in Untappd—my account is Ricochet48, friend me! Here’s a quick list off the top of my head of breweries I have visited.  From tiny taste rooms to fantastic factories and even more ‘chain-like’ restaurants, I’ve experienced more than a few brews straight from the source as such:



  • Revolution (IL)
  • Goose Island (IL)
  • Two Brothers (IL)
  • Gordon Biersch (IL)
  • Emmett’s (IL)
  • Haymarket (IL)
  • Piece Brewery (IL)
  • Busch (WI)
  • New Holland (MI)
  • Unruly (MI)
  • Three Floyds (IN)
  • Fountain Square (IN)
  • Three Wise Men (IN)
  • Brew River (OH)

East Coast

  • Magic Hat (VT)
  • Rock Art (VT)
  • Fiddleheads (VT)
  • Alchemist (VT)
  • Vermont Pub (VT)
  • Elm City (NH)
  • Smuttynose (NH)
  • Rohrbach (NY)
  • 381 Main (NJ)
  • Capitol City (DC)
  • Old Dominion (DC)

West Coast

  • 21st Amendment (CA)
  • ThirstyBear (CA)
  • Rock Bottom (CA)


  • Big Sky (MT)
  • Tamarack (MT)
  • Kettle House (MT)
  • Flathead Lake (MT)
  • Breckenridge (CO)
  • Telluride (CO)
  • Aspen (CO)
  • Mahogany Ridge (CO)
  • Great Divide (CO)
  • Jagged Mountain (CO)
  • Dillon Dam (CO)


  • Jester King (TX)
  • Boscos (AR)
  • BJ’s (OK)

United Kingdom

  • Zerogdegrees (Cardiff)
  • Brewdog (Edinburgh)
  • Guinness (Dublin)
  • XT (Thame)
  • Wychwood (Witney)
  • Porterhouse (London)
  • Temple Brewhouse (London)
  • Southwark Brewery (London)
  • Hiver Beers (London)
  • Anspach & Hobday (London)
  • Brew By Numbers (London)
  • Kernel Brewery (London)
  • Partizan Brewing (London)
  • Fourpure Brewery (London)

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