Last Day of Work

It’s just now sinking in (even though I cleared out my desk on Friday) that I will not be working for the next year and a half.  Of course I shall study and ‘work’ towards my MBA, but you get the picture–I will no longer generate greenbacks.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of my co-workers for their kindness, professionalism, and friendship over the last four-plus years, as I recently proclaimed to them personally.  Over an array of audits, airport layovers, hearty dinners, brewery tastings, sporting events, rock concerts, late nights, and everything in between, I had gotten to know many of them on both a personal and professional level.  If any of you are reading this now, I want to reiterate my my thanks for making my first full-time experience as fulfilling as possible–oh, and for checking out my blog!

As one door closes another opens…

Cheers to new beginnings and old friends!

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