Freshman year of High School I entered the world of anime.  Luckily, I started with two of best: Cowboy Bebop and Trigun.  Since then I have watched a sizable number of series which I will outline below.  I invested the most time in Naruto Shippuuden (since the days of exceeding my bandwidth limits freshman year of state University, until now as I wait to start my year of graduate school at an international University).

In College, I took a class on Japanese culture which further fueled my intrigue towards anime and the culture intertwined in it.  I even visited Japan in the summer of 2009 to experience some of it up close!  Most recently, in 2014, I started to collect figurines as they provided a certain sentimental value (aside from their aesthetic beauty but of course).


Completed Anime Style Episodes Tota Hours
Aeon Flux Sci Fi (Dystopian) 10 1 1/2
Baccano! Action (Gangster/Fantasy) 16 6 1/7
Beserk Action (Medieval) 25 9 3/5
Black Lagoon Action (Pirates) 24 9 1/5
Claymore Action (Medieval Female) 26 10
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Mech (Chess/Political) 50 19 1/6
Cowboy Bebop Action (Jazz/Space) 26 10
Death Note Thriller/Drama (Gothic) 37 14 1/5
Steins Gate Thriller/Drama (Time Travel) 24 9 1/5
Fooly Cooly Comedy (Parady/Slapstick) 6 2 2/7
Fullmetal Alchemist Action (Science/Drama) 51 19 5/9
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Action (Science/Drama) 64 24 1/2
Gungrave Action (Mafia/Sci Fi) 26 10
Hellsing Action (Vampire/Nazi) 13 5
Monster Thriller/Drama (Psycho) 74 28 3/8
Neon Genesis Evanlegion Mech (Drama) 26 10
RahXephon Mech (Music) 26 10
Samurai Champloo Samurai (Hip Hop) 26 10
Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal Samurai (Drama) 6 2 2/7
The Vision of Escaflowne Fantasy Mecha (Medieval) 26 10
Trigun Action (Western) 26 10
Wolf’s Rain Action (Animorphic) 26 10


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  1. The beautiful Golden Pavilion. TY, Mom, for taking me and Michael to Japan.

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