Religion—an almost un-touchable subjects on all fronts.  It seems very odd to me that such a tantamount, cornerstone aspect of one’s life should almost never be up for debate.   As my studies, travels, and personal experiences increased, my views on afterlife and world religions have altered.  I do not plan to delve deeply into the realm of religion, as it’s quite the touchy subject as I had hinted; however, I will pose a few questions that I think one must answer to before truly forming their opinion on such an important matter:

1)      There have been literally thousands of gods worshiped over the time of man, why is yours better than Ra, Zeus, or Odin?

2)      Would you have worshiped different god(s) had you been born to different parents in a different part of the world?

Finally, I’d like to leave some words of wisdom from men much wiser than me:


vkmb5hzOh and yes I know the Marus Aurelius quote is loosely based on his musings in Meditations, regardless it still delivers the idea.


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  1. Thanks for addressing the topic gently.

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