Day 42: Pierogi, Microbrews, and a Museum (Plus Another Night Train)

Day 42…wow time does fly when you’re having fun, eh? That means I’m just about 2/3 done with my ‘once in a lifetime eurotrip’. Sure, I may have the liberty to travel significantly down the road, but in all honestly, it’s doubtful if I’ll ever be able to take 2.5 months and hostel hop. Anyways, I digress…now where were we, oh yes, my last day in Poland!

After two tours, two excursions, three club crawls, a live music shows, futbol match, and more, I had already been a good Pollack from Chicago in the land of my forefathers. Thus, for my last day, as I typically plan for, I had ‘free-time’. After checking out I attempted to upload more photos for my blog and take of the holes in my lodging schedule. I decided to camp for both Gurten and VOLT festivals. I also booked a fancy hotel in Montreaux, because, well, Montreaux is all fancy (no movies stars stay in hostels there…)

For lunch, I had some more Pierogi (this time I had my camera handy):


I also wanted to point out the central location of my hostel. Check out these views down both ends of the street!



Then I headed down that-a-way to do some people watching in the square (as the weather was stellar!):


I then walked around the huge park that encircled the old town walls.



Next, I headed to explore the other side of town past the gate I posted earlier (but these shots look better!)



Then I walked towards monuments and unique buildings.





Soon ‘beer-o’clock’ struck, so I headed to a local brewery and had their sampler and a pint of my favorite in the group


Then I headed back to the hostel to get my WiFi on to find the next set of microbrews on the other side of town

(Had to have a beer at the hostel too, obviously)


Rather than go directly to the aforementioned brewpub, I wanted to catch the Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory Museum before it closed. After 25 minutes of fastwalking, I had arrived at the acclaimed exhibition. The museum featured many interactive exhibits and overall gave quite the lasting impression.















This hit home quite hard. If one or two small events in history had happened just a bit differently, I might not be typing from a hostel in Vienna now… It’s important to remember how ‘small’ really are in the grand scheme of things.


After that I really needed a drink. I headed in the area close to Klub Alchemia that I had stopped at prior:


This time, instead, I decided on a brewpub down the street after reading up on it on BeerAdvocate–they had quite the menu of very rare beers. Of the three I checked in on Untappd, they all had under 50 check-in’s if I recall.


Finally, before catching my train, I grabbed my luggage at the hostel (and another beer). I then headed across the street to face my temptress: Mexican food. The restaurant, appropriately named ‘The Mexican’ served a solid burrito–muy bien!


Now my body was ready for another 9 hour night train!


  1. I didn’t realize that Schindler’s Enamel Factory was now a museum. Very cool. And, maybe I missed it but, what’s up with the Stanislaw Chmielewski photo??

  2. We did not go to Schindler’s Museum; we went to his actual factory where he brought in workers otherwise destined for the gas chambers.
    We are not aware of grandpa working for Schindler, but as mentioned, he was a prisoner of war – he did not ever want to talk about it. We do know, however, about a very moving story regarding a picture/imagine of Our Lady of Czestochowa that he believes saved his life (he is buried with it).

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