Packing List Part Tres: Hygiene and Rave Gear

While some choose to simply acquire hygienic items abroad, I wanted to avoid hassles and just started off bringing them myself.  I’ve tried to strike a balance between bringing a portable shower and first aid kit while maintaining low weight with a small footprint.  As I will be bringing this in with me to the bathroom, I got an Eagle Creek case with a shower hook and mirror too!  I have since added and subtracted a few items from the photos as noted in the following listing:

Eagle Creek Bathroom Bag
Antibacteria Spray
Blister Packs & Bandaids
Nail Clippers
Sunscreen Lotion
Extra Contacts
Backup Perscription Glasses
Razor (with extra blades)
Teeth Whitening Strips
Floss Sticks
Baby Wipes
Lip Protectant


Now for some fun…

My trip blends culture and fun, so I strove to strike a balance between both.  The following rave supplies such prove useful tools to accomplish this goal:

6 Pairs of Sunglasses
Freedom Flask (2)
Sharkskinzz Disposable Flasks (10)
1 Pair of Double Stack Prismz
9 Pairs of Paper Neon Prisms (Green, Orange, Yellow)
1 Illini Sunglass Holder
1 Rave Watch (also a backup)
Assorted Kandi
Multifunction Bottle Openner, Screwdriver, etc.
2 Pack of Dice
1 Pack of Playing Cards
1 Neon Hat
1 Cat Hat

Sights (note the neon prism glasses missed the cut on this shot):


Shots, shots, shots!  Why pay on $9 beer night?!  The 10 plastic flasks are disposable if caught, lost, etc.  The two Freedom Flasks (‘Merica!) will save tremendous amounts at festivals FTW!


Finally, I packed up some kandi, cat hats, cards, dice, and miscellaneous tools, which I failed to photo.

PS:  The Ciroc will stay in the Chi, the 3oz limit applies to savory vodka as well (too bad!)

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