Packing List Part Uno: Clothing and Footwear

First up in a quick series of packing lists–clothing!

To battle the elements, I stuck with a Patagonia Torrentshell raincoat.  It tucks neatly into a pocket and weighs nearly nothing.

I also bought 3 dress shirts in neutral colors which will double as coats in the more cold nights.  Many ‘hardcore’ travelers would scoff at this, but I go clubbing, and one must look the part whilst at the club.

DSC00024_v2Additionally, I’ve brought more pants than one would typically expect.  In Europe, unlike the US of A, male adults do not particularly wear shorts (unless sporting, etc.).  Therefore, I only have a  pair of shorts for hiking and other pair of Nike compression shorts for running.  The jeans and pants that made the cut are lightweight and can easily match a myriad of shirts.

DSC00023_v2Now to the bulk of things…

As you can note above, I’ve brought a few Polo’s, specialty shirts (cutoff, longsleeve, rave), along with everyday t-shirts.  This may seem like a bit much at first, but some of the cheaper shirts can always be ‘disposed’ off in exchange for new local clothes if need be.  Also not pictured, but very important, are my purposeful boxers/briefs and socks.

Patagonia Torrentshell Lightweight Raincoat (with bag)
3 Dress Shirts (Desigual & Guess, Black, Gray, and Blue)
1 Pair Dark Blue Jeans (Kenneth Cole)
1 Pair Light Gray Designer Jeans (Calvin Klein)
1 Pair Lightweight Grey Jeans/Pants (Guess)
1 Pair Very Lightweight Black Pants (H&M)
1 Pair Shorts (Hiking)
1 Pair Running Shorts (w/ built in compression)
2 Polos (Dark Grey and Blue/White)
1 Longsleeve Shirt
1 Cutoff Shirt (working out, beach, etc.)
2 Cotton Neon Rave Shirts (Kitten and T-Rex)
6 Graphic Tees (Euro-colors)
4 Ex-Officio Boxers
2 Ex-Officio Briefs
6 Pairs of Specialty Non-Cotton Socks (Blacks and Grays)
2 Euro Scarfs
4 Bandannas (Assorted Patterns)

Your feet are very important, there’s no walking around that issue (no pun intended).  As with almost all of my purchases, I focused on weight and size.  I knew I needed an everyday black leather shoe, which I could comfortable walk in, yet still get into the discos with–enter the ECCO’s.


For concerts and athletics, I looked for a very lightweight, yet supportive running shoe that I could still wear out (without sticking out like an American).  I searched far and wide and finally acquired my multicolored Flyknit Lunar 1′s!


Finally, for shower, and particularly hot days, I went with a set of trusty Teva’s.


Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ Wolf Grey/Laser Orange (11.5)
Teva Terra Fi Lite in Docker Grey (11)
ECCO Men’s Neoflexor in Black (44)

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  1. Ahh. You brought the Desigual black long-sleeve shirt I bought for you in Barcelona.

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