Day 49: The History of Communism & War in Belgrade, Serbia

Breakfast started at 7AM, and I traded my voucher for dishes at 7:02AM. With my sheets brought down, my room checked out, and my stomach respectably full, I walked towards the bus stop. The bus left every half hour, so I had to time things right. I paid for my ticket and got one of the last single seats (or so I thought). After a few more stops, the bus got so full that all children had to sit on their parents laps (even some at about 10 years old). I estimated a sleep timer and soon awoke just before arrival at the terminals.

I had to check my large bag as ‘oversized’ as my camping gear attached at the bottom apparently exceeded the width dimensions (although very doubtful). Soon I found myself snoozing on a junky propeller plane. As my playlist ended, my eyes slowly opened to a pleasant surprise: a snack bag with a full sandwich, desert, and mini-water! Next thing I knew the wheels screeched against the landing strip and I found myself at border patrol (no line of course for the non Serbian or EU residents) “Why are you here?!” scrowled the lady behind the glass curtain. “For EXIT” I swiftly replied. STAMP–I had passed the test!

The A1 bus took me close to my hostel, which I soon discovered had been listed a few blocks off by Google Maps. All settled in, I soon headed over to Republic Square for a ‘Communist Tour’. We ended up having only 5 people total in our group which led to a more private, intimate feel. Our guide provided great personal insight as she had lived through much of the struggles she outlined. Without further delay, the photos:

First up: lunch!


Then we headed over to Tito’s grave:





Our guide then explain how volunteers constructed this highway and it help aid unity, etc.


Then some ruins…


…and a Yugo!


Definitely Soviet architecture here:


NOT Soviet architecture:






Some major sites of war over the last 15 years (protests and NATO bombing, respectfully)



Touring completed, I retired to the Central Station Hostel for some R&R. When dinner rolled around, I heeded local advice and soon found myself at a gem.


Oh and don’t forget the slivovitz!


90s Dance Boat Party to close out the night??!


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