Merging my love of motors and music, I took to car audio quite quickly.  Actually, I had even worked at Best Buy’s car audio department in High School and a bit in College.  By the time I had my RSX-S, I had planned out my ideal system in much detail.  I knew that I wanted a balance of power (SPL) and quality (SQL) without any rattling (massive deadening).  By the mid 2000s, I also saw that the end of traditional media formats like CD’s was near.  Instead I focused my efforts on more efficient means of storage.  Specifically, as early as 2005, I installed a 4-port USB hub, iPod cable, and 1/8 auxiliary cable to allow me to play off everything from my flash drives to my cell phone.  Due to the almost exponential increases in storage capacity, my predictive planning has paid off as I can play hundreds of gigabytes of music off a few flashes.  Finally, if I prefer to stream, I can transmit wirelessly over A2DP (and also use my cellphone hands free!).

  • Kenwood KIV-BT901 Headunit
  • Elemental Designs [e]Di 6500s (150W Components)
  • Elemental Designs Nine.2 Amplifier (150W x 2, underrated)
  • Elemental Designs 13Ov2 Subwoofer (12″)
  • Elemental Designs Nine.1 Amplifier (900W @ 2ohms, underrated)
  • Knu Koncepts 0-gauge wiring
  • Dynamat Extreme rubber deadening
  • eDead v3 paint deadening
  • eDead v4 subsonic foam
  • Custom black carpeted box (chassis bolted)
  • 128GB USB flash drive
  • 64GB microSD card (cell phone)
  • Custom 4-port USB hub
  • Metra double DIN dash kit





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