Software, the ‘behind the scenes’ type, can often get overlooked; however, hardware in many instances is useless without software to ‘tell it what to do, and how to do it.’

My gaming glory days have gone out the windows, but previously I had risen top 100 status in Warcraft III (vastly different from the popular WORLD of Warcraft you may inititlly think of).  Subsequently, I dabbled in DoTA (Defense of the Ancients), assorted shooters, and a series of simulation games like CitiesXL.  Most recently, I have attempted my hand (and feet) and professional level racing simulators using a Logitech G35 wheel, pedal (with clutch), and shifting set.  I am patiently awaiting Warcraft IV and/or a proper SimCity remake.

I primarily use Photoshop to edit my photos and Sony Vegas to edit my videos.

Additionally, I utilize overclocking tools for both my computer and mobile devices.

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